Monday, November 26, 2012

Pedicure in Moshi?

Here in Moshi, there are not salons for nails or hair as there are everywhere in the U.S. Those kinds of luxuries are unheard of here – the people are barely scraping by and their poverty doesn’t allow for frivolous spending (unless it’s on a cell phone, people will go hungry here but leave money to buy a cell phone and minutes for it - go figure).  But the dirt and dust here are beyond insane -- I cannot go 5 feet before I'm covered in dust.  At night sometimes, I'll put on socks to protect me from mosquitoes, and the bottom of those poor socks will be brown instantly.  And that's with a hard-working housegirl who mops daily. You get used to the dust here, it's ubiquitous and everyone deals with it, so we can't gripe too much. But we've been delighted to meet Tracy, a woman who is not afraid to tackle dirty feet and clean them up.  So every once in a while, for $7 USD, we get to have clean feet and painted toenails, and it is heavenly. 

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