Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting Creative with PE

Our school is brand new, and we're all just getting used to how to make it work here in Moshi. Resources are a little scarce, supplies are rationed -- you know it's true when we have a whole trash pile that we keep and scavenge through for art projects, and when I find myself saying, "Ugh I HATE Pinterest - I can't do any of these things for school!!"

Anyway, PE is one of those classes where we have limited supplies - we have a basketball hoop/ball, a soccer ball, and a 4-square ball.  Now that's way more than some schools around here, so we count our blessings, but after a while, the kids get a little tired of that routine. Thankfully, while we don't have many supplies, we have a very creative PE teacher and he has come up with some crazy fun things to do.

Old mattresses + slackline = improvised tightrope and balance lesson:

Mercy going for a walk on the slackline
The kids even convinced teacher Francis to give it a try!


  1. Hi Megan. It's Susan Lucas, John's wife. Your Dad is here at our house right now, sharing your letters and pictures with John and I. Thanks for sharing with is so wonderful to see where you are! The pictures of the kids are beautiful. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you in their lives!

    1. Hi Susan (and John)! So glad you stopped by the blog! I am thankful for your support and am glad you have been updated!! Keep in touch!