Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I am proud to announce I have nearly conquered my phobia of using chalk and my chalkboard! Ugh all that dust and the dreadful feel of the chalk, I’m shuddering as I write. Oh and the shrieks of the chalk on the board, Lord have mercy. Alright enough with the drama, I knew I would have a chalkboard before I came to teach here, so I really can’t complain. But my kind mother had compassion on me and bought me a lifesaving chalk holder.  So I have been using my chalk holder constantly – and taking baby steps toward chalk independence by trying it without the holder once in a while. And hey, it’s not actually that bad! Granted, I’ve been washing my hands of the dust about 5 times in a day, but like I said, baby steps. 


  1. You're kind of ridiculous, but I can also sympathize a bit. I dislike chalk, but clearly not as much as you. What I really can't stand, though, and have a similar reaction to, is unfinished wood (mostly in my mouth). People chewing on toothpicks make me shudder. You know those little ice creams that come with a wooden spoon-like instrument? I would never put that in my mouth. I even dislike using tongue depressors on my patients! ... So, yeah, I guess I'm just as bad!

  2. hahaha I had no idea you had a chalkaphobia, glad to hear you are conquering it. Chalk is pretty bad, like cotton balls :)

  3. I mayormaynot have a similar issue. Bringing chalk holder, and dust free chalk. We'll see how long it lasts. :)