Monday, March 11, 2013

Weaving with 1st / 2nd Grade

Doing crafts with this age group has been a fun challenge for me.  Fun because I enjoy the age group’s enthusiasm and a challenge because I have to get creative with my activities because of our limited resources. A lot of what we’ve done so far has been using recyclables. Last week, I had the school guard make us a hula hoop out of plastic pipe (he melted the edges together) and with about a dozen old t-shirts, we went to work weaving a masterpiece. We used this tutorial here.

The t-shirts are from the Moshi used clothing market called Memoria, and I got the bundle of them for 6000 shillings ($4). Miss Holly (see her blog here) and I spent an evening slicing them up while watching a movie, and voila! We were ready to go. The kids were quick learners with the ‘over-under’ pattern, and they were even patient taking turns weaving.

Ok, by patient I mean they found other ways to entertain themselves...

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